Kill Bacteria This Flu Season With Promotional Hand Sanitizers

cWhen deciding on what kind of promotional items to use for your company, you should consider how often these items will be used. Some promo items, like paper weights for example, have less of a chance of being used daily by your customers than customized promotional hand sanitizers. By investing some of your advertising budget into having custom labeled sanitizers made, you are ensuring that your logo will be seen multiple times, and by a variety of people.

Hand sanitizers are a popular way to clean your hands when people do not have access to soap and water. They are most commonly used while going out to eat, at work, in the car, at school, and in the general public. They are usually made from isopropanol or ethanol alcohol. Sanitizers are most often found as gels, foams, and liquid solutions which can be poured or sprayed on your hands. They are often used in hospitals, schools, and on the go. Parents who have young school aged children often use them to help prevent their families from becoming sick. Sanitizer companies claim that their products can kill up to 99.9% of harmful germs that are on your hands. For this reason they are especially popular during the yearly flu season, and when a new flu strain is being passed around.

The Food and Drug Administration has commented on the effectiveness of sanitizers in comparison to the standard method of cleaning your hands, by washing them with soap and hot water. They recommend using soap and water when it is available, but using hand sanitizers while on the go is better than not washing your hands. In addition to this, when your hands are not visibly dirty using hand sanitizer is an acceptable form of cleaning your hands. The Food and Drug Administration has classified hand sanitizers as health care worker hand wash, hand alcohol, or a hand antiseptic.

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Hand Sanitizers and Sanitizing Wipes

SANITATIONHand sanitizers and sanitizing wipes have great relevance in today’s highly polluted environment. They function as protective masks to shield against harmful microbes which cause disease. Regular use of these cleaning solutions is the ideal way to maintain proper personal hygiene and sanitation. Due to the rising demand for them, the market is loaded with an extensive variety of these products.

Hand Sanitizers for Effective Cleansing

Making liberal use of hand cleaning sanitizers is one of the most hygienic means of preventing the easy spread of bacteria. These products claims to kill 99.99% of the bacteria present on the hand surfaces. The ethyl alcohol present in these sanitizers is highly effective in destroying the bacteria. They also come with special additives to moisturize your hands, leaving them soft and refreshed. Hand sanitizers are available in containers of varying capacities. For instance, they come in 8 Oz pump bottles, 1200 ml bottles, and so on. Popular brands supplying hand sanitizers include Dial, Clorox, Kimberly Clark and Gojo.

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Good Cleaning And Great Sanitation Critical To Home Brewing

qRules are created to guide us during the enjoyment of ours lives. However, rules are often broken when we experiment with different ways of doing anything that changes the norm of the rule. I for one believe rule breaking is good when the new way of doing something adds to our enjoyment of a subject.

Home brewing is no exception to rule breaking. Experimenting with recipes and trying new brewing techniques makes for the discovery of wonderful new beers and advances the art of brewing.

One area of exception in home brewing might be sanitation. The rule of “great sanitation” is one that needs to be adhered to very strictly to prevent microorganisms from ruining your precious brew.

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Hand Sanitizer Facts: Debunking Myths

Water-and-Sanitation_7There are many myths and misconceptions about hand sanitizers. In this article we’re going to look at some facts to debunk the myths and set the record straight.

One of the most popular misconceptions is that hand sanitizers are virtually infallible, and that they can prevent the spread of all contagious diseases, including the cold or flu. Although a hand sanitizer can kill more than 60 percent of flu viruses on your hand, most people actually contract flu from airborne agents, by breathing in the germs.

So even if you’ve used a sanitizing product, and your hands are clean and germ-free, you can still catch or spread the virus. A hand sanitizer may actually be a more potent preventive mechanism for gastrointestinal diseases, rather than infections such as the cold or flu.

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