Keeping Your Well Clean and Sanitized for Your Health and Safety

mmMost well owners should expect that at some point, they will have to treat their water for some kind of contamination. Even if the well source is clean and free of any harmful additives, colonies of bacteria or mold could spring up, seepages from other water sources or pipes could leak in, or there could be an animal which meets an unfortunate end in your well and needs to be removed.

Filtration, sanitization, and conditioning are three important processes to employ in your well if you suffer from chronic or even temporary quality fluctuations. These sanitizing steps remove solid materials and harmful pathogens from your water, but they also can remove chemical or mineral contaminants before it makes its way into your laundry, or worse, your dinner.

The quality of your water is of the utmost importance for the health of you and your family and any living under your roof. Keeping water suitable for consumption and use is a safety must, and could require one or several installations to achieve.

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The Objective of IEC in the Water and Sanitation Sector

nThe use of contaminated water and open defecation are the major causes of malnutrition, child death and communicable diseases in India. According to a study by UNICEF in the year 2008, only, 21% of rural households in the country have improved sanitation facilities, whereas, 31% of the rural households didn’t have toilets. In recent years, there has been an increase in the coverage of toilets, but their usage and sustainability remains at the nethermost. However, years of effort by the government, NGOs, and partner organizations have helped improve the conditions related to sanitation, safe water and hygiene. The government has also initiated reforms in the rural water supply and sanitation sector to strengthen community based approaches for greater sustainability.

The state governments are trying hard to promote sanitation through various methodologies and we can take the example of West Bengal that has achieved near 100% sanitation in certain areas of the state.
The “Sant Baba Gadge Scheme – leveraging the traditional social equity of the social reformer” is an incentive driven strategy adopted by the government of Maharastra to distribute sanitation based messages.

Programmes related to rural sanitation:

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Quick Sanitation and Health Care

imagesThere are many hand sanitizer dispensers and soap dispensers available in the market but getting yourself a Purell dispenser ensures the quality and durability of the product that you get. Aside from their high-quality hand sanitizers and soaps, there is a wide range of dispensers that this leading brand can provide you. Whether you need it at home or in the office, it is important that you entrust your sanitization to a name that you can trust.

One of the more famous Purell dispensers is the automatic or the touch-free hand sanitizer dispenser which has a sensor made to dispense its contents once a moving object or hand is detected. Whether gel or foam, this hands-free dispenser is gives you the right amount that you need. Powered by 2 alkaline batteries it gives you a hassle-free quick sanitation on the go.

There is also the desktop pump which you can have on your kitchen counter or at your work desk to help you kill those bacteria with hand sanitizers. In the bathroom, there are also pumps to easily dispense soap for a one-handed hassle-free hand wash. For those who are not even used to washing their hands after going to the toilet may find using hand sanitizers more convenient, especially those who are in a hurry.

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Hand Sanitizers – It’s Time to Take Your Rightful Place in Society

imagesRemember several years back when hand sanitizers first came onto the market? Everyone thought they were such an amazing product (the best thing since the proverbial “sliced bread”). People were captivated by the fact that they could kill 99.9% of disease-causing germs on their hands in 15 seconds or less. Truly a miracle!

The poor hand sanitizer is like a thoroughbred race horse, the favourite in the race, that charges out of the starting gates but ends up fading drastically in the final stretch. How can such a promising product taper off like my new skinny jeans? Well, here’s my take on what happened and why I think it’s time for the hand sanitizer to take its rightful place in society.

The first hand sanitizer on the market was a gel and it contained alcohol, and still does, for that matter. Over time, studies came out revealing that alcohol-based hand sanitizers were actually bad for your hands. You see, the alcohol causes the skin to become dry and cracked, thereby leaving crevices where germs become trapped. In fact, studies show that the more frequently you use them, the less effective they become.

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Using Hand Sanitizers For Germ Fighting – Keeping Employees Healthy at Work, at Home, & on the Road

zUsing instant hand sanitizers for germ fighting cleanliness is one of the most basic things to be done in the fight against common colds, flu, and other diseases. There has been a lot of publicity lately about germ transmitted diseases, especially in light of the widespread outbreaks of H1N1 Swine Flu. Hand sanitizers, such as those produced by Gojo Industries in their line of Purell Hand Sanitizers, are a convenient and affordable way to combat the spread of such diseases.

In places where there is no access to soap and water, hand sanitizers are the next best thing for germ fighting. You can place them in common cars, offices, bedrooms, hallways, and entryways. Stores can put a wall unit near frequently used items like shopping carts and next to cash registers. Buildings where there are high concentrations of children and babies are good buildings for hand sanitizer use. Cutting down germ transmission and spread of diseases is very important, especially when youngsters are involved.

At work, statistics prove that using hand sanitizers for germ fighting can significantly reduce absenteeism and sick time off by employees. Work output should be improved as well, because healthy workers are more alert and do better work. Instant Hand Sanitizer does not require water, and most other hand sanitizers, such as wipes, also are independent of water sources. This can be very helpful in situations where employees are on the road, and meeting with large numbers of people.

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