Importance of Sanitation in Your Emergency Preparedness Plan

hImportance of Sanitation in Your Emergency Preparedness Plan

Emergency planning and preparedness is not only about storing food and water. Often, we leave out important aspects of preparing for disasters and emergencies. One of the common things left out is about our plans for sanitation.

Natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, and hurricanes can significantly affect your sanitary needs. Sanitation facilities are very much affected, and unhealthy conditions can cause health problems and outbreaks. Our water sources are always at risk of being contaminated, especially during floods. Our sanitary needs, however, would require water. Clean and potable water, on the other hand, are scarce especially after disasters and natural calamities.

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Using Purell Hand Sanitizers To Kill Germs

ffGOJO Industries originally began making the hand sanitizing products in the 1980s. The company has long been active in trying to find better solutions for how people who work in dirty or germ ridden jobs can clean their hands in an effective way.

The first formula for the product was created for very specific needs. It was designed to help the food service industry to keep their hands clean when dealing with food and dishes. It was also beneficial for those in the health care field where it could aid in ridding one’s hands of germs no matter if soap and water were used or not. It was after success in these applications that the product was finally offered to the general public.

One can find a variety of types of sanitizers for the hands. These products can be found in many different formulas and consistencies. For some people, the different formulas may be beneficial, especially if one has allergies. With all the interest in products that are more environmental friendly, hand sanitizers also now come in formulas that are natural and/or biodegradable.

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