Sanitizers – How to Participate in Your Own Health and Wellness

sProtecting you and your family from Super Bugs like MRSA and Staph largely depends on how you maintain, balance and protect the skin.  Although topical antibiotic, antiseptic and antibacterial products are in wide supply these days, the problem continues to worsen. So much so, over 19,000 Americans died last year from flesh eating, deadly bacteria that gained access to its victim’s internal environment via a minor cut or abrasion.

Because bacteria are capable of asexual reproduction and binary fission, it didn’t take long to adapt their immunity to the Broad Spectrum Antibiotics we’ve all had prescribed for us at one time or another. However, this knowledge hasn’t deterred Pharmaceutical companies from researching and developing stronger strains of antibiotics to stay in a race they know they can never win. Any solution that stays focused on killing the symptom and not the cause is like mopping up a floor without turning the faucet off first.

One thing the medical and holistic community has always agreed on is the need to improve basic sanitation; frequent hand washing cited as the most important act. However, what you clean your hands and nails with is more important than the regimen itself. While OSHA advocates and demands the use of petro-chemical derivatives found in soaps, disinfectants and sanitizers mandated by the State for widespread use in all regulated institutions, it’s no wonder these facilities are the hardest hit by infectious bacterial virus’ and disease.

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Mobile Bathrooms – Sanitation Planning For Every Type of Event Or Project

dOne aspect of event and project planning that is not often discussed is sanitation – that is, making sure that there are enough bathroom facilities to accommodate all the people who will be present. If the site you have chosen for your event has too few restrooms (or even none at all), it is important to rent the right types and amounts of mobile bathrooms. Having too few, or poor quality, restrooms can drastically impact guests’ enjoyment and perception of the event.

Estimating how many mobile bathrooms are necessary for a given event is fairly straightforward. It depends not only on the number of people present, but also on the length of the event. For instance, 2 units are adequate to provide sanitation for 500 people for a 2 hour event, but 4 restrooms are needed if the event will go 4 hours. A portable toilet rental company will be able to provide a chart that will help you estimate the right number for your event or project.

As for the type of mobile bathroom unit you will want to rent, it will depend on the type of event or project you are holding. The most basic option is often referred to as a porta potty. These units provide a simple toilet and a hand sanitizer and are good, lower-cost choices for construction projects, camp outs, outdoor concerts, sporting events, and even political rallies or parades. Reputable portable restroom rental companies can provide clean units in good condition as well as cleaning and maintenance services to ensure that the facilities remain in good condition and are as pleasant as possible.

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Sanitizing a Travel Toothbrush Holder

kkWhen you are travelling, it is already a given that you will be bringing along a toothbrush with you. However, it is quite a secret to most people that they cannot just toss their toothbrush into their luggage and let it be contaminated with numerous germs. Therefore, it is advisable if it has a travel toothbrush holder to prevent it from having contact with your other things and thus, accumulating germs. What most people are not aware of is the fact that they need to sanitize these holders every single time that they travel on a new location.

It is very easy to say that sanitizing is such an important thing when dealing with a travel toothbrush holder but the question is: do people really know how to do it properly? To be able to do this carefully, users need to follow several steps in doing it. The first thing you need to do is to place your holder in a pan containing hot water and 1 tablespoon of dish soap. This step is necessary because for sure, there are toothpaste residues inside it. The next thing to do is to fill a bowl that is medium size with rubbing alcohol and then allowing the holder to sit in it for about 20 minutes. After 20 minutes have already passed, you can now wash your holder with soap and water; after this you already have to let the air dry it.

To really make your travel toothbrush holder an effective one, all you have to do is to keep it clean and sanitized at all times. This way, you will know for yourself that you will not be defeating its sole purpose which is to protect your toothbrush from accumulating germs. And in doing this, you will also be preventing yourself to be put at risks of getting diseases.

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Importance of Hand Sanitization

nmYou may have observed that there are people who fall ill very often. In fact, you may also find that in some families, it is common to see people suffering from common cold and other such ailments. Not many people realize that there are some simple steps to follow to shield self from common ailments.

Maintaining basic hygiene is the basic step towards keeping good health. Take a shower regularly. The frequency of shower depends on your working conditions and the climate you live in. For instance, if you have a job with high level of physical activity, you may need to bath twice to support body hygiene. Similarly, people living in hot and wet conditions should bathe 2-3 times daily with a quality body wash.

The next simple step is to thoroughly wash your hands before meals and each time that you suspect germs. You should use a high quality hand wash liquid as they don’t contain the germs of another person’s hands. Equally important is the time you spend during hand wash. Instead of treating it like a mere formality, hand wash must be given adequate importance and attention.

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A Key Factor Of The Beer Brewing Process: Sanitation

cleanwater1One of the most important lessons for those new to beer brewing is proper cleaning and sanitation. All around us there are invisible bacteria, germs, and wild yeast that like your beer as much as you do. These microorganisms are unwelcome guests to the party, however, because if they get into your beer, they can contaminate it and infect it.

It is the home brewers job to provide the yeast a healthy environment during fermentation, and to give the yeast a head start before these other organisms can take hold. Certain precautions must be taken during the beer brewing process to prevent contamination. That is why it is critically important that you are thorough in cleaning and sanitizing your beer brewing equipment.

It is important to note that cleaning and sanitation DO NOT mean the same thing. Sanitation goes beyond simple cleaning. Chemical sanitizers must be used in the beer brewing process to eliminate the majority of the microorganisms on the equipment beyond what simple soap and water can accomplish alone.

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