Nail Salons Cited For Sanitation Issues

arbarbwrbw3More nail salons are being cited. How to avoid citations during an inspection? The past couple years, thousands of nail salons throughout California have been inspected and cited hundreds and thousands of dollars. These numbers are increasing and more nail salon owners are suffering from citations. The major factors are: nail salon owners are not knowledgeable of state board’s procedures of inspection and requirements. Some are not being aware of the importance of these procedures and requirements. To avoid citations, nail salon owners must know the state board’s standard procedures. Inspectors are assigned to specific territories throughout California and perform inspections randomly.
Salon owners cannot schedule an inspection. When they arrive, they will ask for a picture valid ID to verify the licensee in charge to unlock for any cupboards, doors or drawers within the salon to inspect. At the end of the inspection they will go over the inspection report issued to the establishment with the licensee in charge and with each individual licensee who was also cited during the inspection. 10 most common violations cited during an inspection:

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The African Chain: Children, Education And Sanitation

awb rwbwtA chain is only as strong as its weakest link. And in Africa, where life is particularly fragile as it is, there’s no room for weak links. Due to the lack of resources and infrastructure in most African countries, the struggle for life becomes an uphill battle for the majority. If one element of the essential components for life breaks down (for instance shelter, education, sanitation, health care, nutrition) then the other elements all suffer. Children The children in Africa face a multitude of problems which directly limit their livelihood. Disease, malnutrition, lack of basic education and human displacement are but a few of the modern problems faced by millions of African children. The familiar saying, “children are the future” is truer for the children of Africa than almost any other continent.
These kids need assistance in obtaining the vital facilities to not only sustain themselves, but also their own children when the time comes. One of the main factors contributing to the everyday issues faced by children is the HIV/Aids pandemic. The disease is creating an entire generation of orphans that cannot fend for themselves, thus creating an entire generation of homeless and illiterate children. These children have very little opportunity to help themselves. Education Of course, grass roots level education and skill development would be the first steps in creating a sustainable infrastructure. At the moment, Africa simply does not have the knowledge base to cater for itself.

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Sanitation And Hygiene When The SHTF

sanitationIn most disaster scenarios, sanitation is a major problem. After an earthquake, flood, hurricane, tornado, in a war zone, or especially during a pandemic, your area will soon be contaminated with germs and disease. That means water, food, public restrooms, really any public area is dangerous. First, sewers and septic tanks are likely to leak or overflow into the surrounding ponds, lakes, and pipelines. Second, without garbage trucks, dead animals and trash will quickly pile up and create breeding grounds for germs. Third, most people will not dispose of their waste properly, and it will seep into waterways. Finally, oil and gasoline from damaged or submerged vehicles is likely to spread into the earth. To make matters worse, the stress of the situation is likely to weaken your immune system. So what can you do? Ideally, you’ll want to stay inside as long as possible. But if the crisis lasts for long, you’re going to have to go outside eventually. Here are some supplies you should start stocking up on NOW:
* Drinking water. You’ll need at least a half gallon per person per day. The more the better because you’ll also need clean water to bathe yourself with. If you run out of clean drinking water, you’ll have to boil whatever water you can find. A roiling boil for 10 minutes should do it. (Rain water must be boiled, too.) If you don’t have room to store a lot of drinking water or don’t have enough fuel to boil water everyday, I recommend buying a Katadyn Pocket Water Microfilter. This will clean up to 13000 gallons of water before the filter needs to be replaced.

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Sanitizers – How to Participate in Your Own Health and Wellness

sProtecting you and your family from Super Bugs like MRSA and Staph largely depends on how you maintain, balance and protect the skin.  Although topical antibiotic, antiseptic and antibacterial products are in wide supply these days, the problem continues to worsen. So much so, over 19,000 Americans died last year from flesh eating, deadly bacteria that gained access to its victim’s internal environment via a minor cut or abrasion.

Because bacteria are capable of asexual reproduction and binary fission, it didn’t take long to adapt their immunity to the Broad Spectrum Antibiotics we’ve all had prescribed for us at one time or another. However, this knowledge hasn’t deterred Pharmaceutical companies from researching and developing stronger strains of antibiotics to stay in a race they know they can never win. Any solution that stays focused on killing the symptom and not the cause is like mopping up a floor without turning the faucet off first.

One thing the medical and holistic community has always agreed on is the need to improve basic sanitation; frequent hand washing cited as the most important act. However, what you clean your hands and nails with is more important than the regimen itself. While OSHA advocates and demands the use of petro-chemical derivatives found in soaps, disinfectants and sanitizers mandated by the State for widespread use in all regulated institutions, it’s no wonder these facilities are the hardest hit by infectious bacterial virus’ and disease.

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Mobile Bathrooms – Sanitation Planning For Every Type of Event Or Project

dOne aspect of event and project planning that is not often discussed is sanitation – that is, making sure that there are enough bathroom facilities to accommodate all the people who will be present. If the site you have chosen for your event has too few restrooms (or even none at all), it is important to rent the right types and amounts of mobile bathrooms. Having too few, or poor quality, restrooms can drastically impact guests’ enjoyment and perception of the event.

Estimating how many mobile bathrooms are necessary for a given event is fairly straightforward. It depends not only on the number of people present, but also on the length of the event. For instance, 2 units are adequate to provide sanitation for 500 people for a 2 hour event, but 4 restrooms are needed if the event will go 4 hours. A portable toilet rental company will be able to provide a chart that will help you estimate the right number for your event or project.

As for the type of mobile bathroom unit you will want to rent, it will depend on the type of event or project you are holding. The most basic option is often referred to as a porta potty. These units provide a simple toilet and a hand sanitizer and are good, lower-cost choices for construction projects, camp outs, outdoor concerts, sporting events, and even political rallies or parades. Reputable portable restroom rental companies can provide clean units in good condition as well as cleaning and maintenance services to ensure that the facilities remain in good condition and are as pleasant as possible.

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